Fleet Fingers

Well, hello. I'm surprised you're here. I suppose I will have to speak with the boys again, the riffraff shouldn't be able to get in... (( Dependent Borgatabent Snowman rp blog ))
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Clean up tends to be the worst type of job.

And the most time consuming.


It will never cease to amaze me that if you set down to do the work properly it takes up several times more then what you’ve allotted for it.

Clean up tends to be the worst type of job.

And the most time consuming.


I’m currently in SCOTLAND which means 2 things

1) I’m going to be in and out at weird times because of GMT vs EST, and 2) because I’m finally free, but I’m on vacation, I’ll be available to do things now!

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Alright, so I’ve told a few people already, but just incase:

I’m leaving the country tonight, so I’m shifting timezones. I’m going from EST (GMT +5) to GMT. I don’t know how often I’ll be online, but I’m going to be writing a big drabble for this account and a response for what I owe.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been readily available over the last week, I shouldn’t have come off hiatus until I’d left my dorm, but, hopefully when I settle in I’ll be able to think up something clever to do to expand who my characters talk to.

Thank you again, and I’ll see you all on the ground! 

I swear, I’ve yet to find an actual use for this thing.

> Be a gentleman and help the lady. 


Well, Trace wasn’t busy right now, so how could he turn down the capo’s request? For all that has happened recently and that he was officially to blame for, it couldn’t hurt to earn some Brownie points with the superiors.

He threw on his mantle and made his way to the entrance. He wasn’t exactly the strongest, but those boxes should hopefully not be too heavy, or else she should have asked Cans directly.

He stepped outside and hemmed to announce his arrival. ”Good evening, miss.”

Having been particularly busy with business recently, Snowman had been either a recluse or off the property entirely. Tugging at the lip of the gloves over her hands, she waited for someone to come outside, having been promised two sets of hands, debating if she should ask Cans to help, but the three of them should be able to move these.

As promised, six matte green boxes were waiting out front, lined up in a perfect row on the curb. Each was dotted with glossy black rivets, handles on all sides to aid in movement. Resting atop the furthest to the left, was Snow herself, hat tipped back on her head as she simply smiled.

"Good evening. If you would, could you help grab the furthest one from me. The bottom is lined with metal, so dragging it won’t do damage. I’m going to be taking this one up quickly, and will return to aid in a moment." Rising to her feet again, she brushed free any settled dust from her skirt, heels clicking as she grabbed the handle on one side of the box she’d been resting on. "I do believe we have one more set of hands coming to help. The box you’re taking is going to the lounge. The next two from there also will join that one, the two closest to me go to the basement and are not to be touched until I say so."

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Good evening to you.

Is there something you need assistance with?

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I’ll be right there, ma’am

Good. Every extra spare pair of hands is needed.

I’ll need your assistance unpacking one of these a little later.



Out front.

There are about six boxes I need assistance in moving, two I need brought downstairs, three to the main room and I’ll take the last to my own room.

Be careful with them.

Alright, I’ll be there in a minute.

Thank you.